The IB Roof System was Green From Inception

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The IB Roof System was Green From Inception

Earth Day is a day that asks us all to take stock of our impact on the world around us and reflect on how we can contribute to making a difference. Since the Late 1970’s, IB Roof Systems has pushed for sustainability and environmental consciousness. In many ways, IB Roofing outclasses traditional asphalt constructions, lasting nearly three times as long. Up-cycling is simple, IB systems can be converted into new product. (Recycling is when you create the same product from the original product. Up-cycling is taking the resources from something, in this case PVC, and creating something different out of it.)



High reflectivity reduces energy consumption and utility costs and the IB formula is created with enhanced fire-retardant properties. The reflective qualities of IB roofing are created by the application of a top finish. This finish also leaves your roofing cleaner longer with the added benefit of keeping much of the sun’s heat from entering your home. The heat infiltration that is all too common in the landscape of asphalt roofing can increase your utility bill unnecessarily. Increased energy consumption is a major contributor to resource usage. The average home uses approximately 11,000 kilowatt-hours per year.

IB Roof Systems can also last up to 30 years or longer. Their unique roofing membrane technology give them an incredible track record for long lasting protection. And when your IB roofing has served its purpose, it is easily reclaimed and up-cycled. The reclamation process is yet another way IB Roof Systems makes a difference. IB roofing solutions are a long term investment in your home’s sustainability, preventing waste of excess resources on compromised roofs which need to be replaced every 10-20 years.

IB Materials become carbon neutral within 4 months 7 days

Another way IB roofing promotes efficient and sustainable solutions is through solar energy. IB Roof Systems partners with expert scientists and engineers in the solar energy space to ensure solar panels perform as long as they are warranted for. Other roofing systems which aren’t proven to pair with solar technologies in the same way may not perform as long and cost a large amount of money to remove and reinstall. This often times squanders any benefit that the introduction of solar solutions brought to the table.  With IB Roofing, solar can give your home energy independence and reduce your carbon footprint. The IB Roof website offers a carbon and energy calculator which can help to inform you on what you can do to stay green. 

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