Steps to a Roof Replacement

replace your roof for the last timeSteps to replacing your roof and what to expect during your roof replacement

1) Get estimates. Not all roof replacement companies are the same. There are some important questions you need to ask to make sure that the company you choose is right for you. Read our 15 questions to ask when selecting a roofer.

2) Decide on a roofing contractor. The right contractor is vital to getting a roof that will last and the assurances you need for quality craftsmanship. Look closely at and ask for a written copy of the warranty for both materials and workmanship. For example BAC has a Lifetime materials guarantee and a 10 year workmanship warranty.

3) The day construction starts. The first day usually includes tearing off and removing existing roofing materials and disposing of them. Depending on the size of your home the length of this process may continue over several days. Our first priority is to remove the old roof and prepare for the new roof to be installed. For larger homes we make break up the process to insure that you are protected should inclement weather present itself.

If there are any surprises, this is where they will show up. Depending on the nature of the roof damage that led you to replace it, we also may find damage to the deck. If wrought, mold or other damage presents itself, additional repairs may need to be made before installing your new roof.

4) Installing your new roof. Once all the preparations are made we will begin installing your new roof materials. If you have a combination of flat and pitched, we will prepare the IB roof to rise 3 feet underneath the shingles of the pitched portion and will be finished with the installation of your Steel Rock shingles and roof caps. We will check all the flashings on your plumbing and piping, and reseal those and any skylights as we complete those portions of the roof.

If your roof is completely flat, we will also check all the canales to make sure they are water tight.

5) Roof Completion and final inspection. After your crew has completed the roof, we will send out your representative for a final inspection of the work. Once they have reviewed everything with you to your satisfaction and you can now enjoy your new roof. If any issues arise, just call us and we’ll send out a tech to correct the problem. That’s it. You may now enjoy your roof.

Do it Once. Do it Right. Do it for a Lifetime.