Roofers in Albuquerque

Looking for Roofers in Albuquerque? You won’t believe the difference! Whether you are replacing your pitched roof with stone-coated steel or installing single ply membrane with heat sealed seams for your flat roof need, CAS Enterprises has installed millions of square feet of roofing through-out New Mexico.

replace your roof for the last timeWhat we do?
We make sure you don’t have to buy another roof while you own your home.

See our pictures of before and after our roofing installations. The difference is remarkable. And the results are for a lifetime.

Albuquerque roofers are not all the same. Our 3 generations of experience and results speak for themselves. Make sure you ask all the right questions for your roofer. Roofers in Albuquerque come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a family owned business with a national track record of excellence and expertise, make this the last roof you buy.

You would be amazed by the reflectivity and overall cooling effect of the IB Roof system for roofs in Albuquerque and New Mexico in general. A white membrane can reflect up to 90% of the Sun, keeping your home cooler. Our expert team will shape and weld to the precise contours of your home. We can also match to your stucco and crown your parapet to add protection to your home. Your only roofers in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Roswell are CAS Enterprises.