Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement – The IB Roofing System is a Lifetime material warranty for your home. The single ply membrane applied with heat sealing ion the seams. It has been on the market for almost 30 years. In that time, not one roof has been replaced due to product failure.

Out of all the flat roof systems available not one compares to the incredible IB Roofing system.
The material is completely recyclable back into PVC if you ever remove it from your roof.


Tar and Gravel – Oil saturated paper and tar with gravel as a cheap UV blocker. Tar along the parapet walls deteriorates quickly with sun exposure. In most cases, this approach is only warranted for two to five years.

Foam Roofing – Foam is not what makes up your actual roof. The polyurethane foam stops water from entering your home, but the rough surface of foam collects water and breaks down. If you do not re-coat your home at regular intervals, at your expense, you may not be able to maintain the warranty.

Other membrane roofing systems – Not all membrane systems are the same. Some systems lack the UV protection necessary to prevent cracking and leaking over time.
IB Roofing System is a membrane roof system, that is an excellent alternative to other systems that just don’t hold up in the New Mexico sun.