Fire Ratings for the IB Roof System PVC Single-Ply Membrane

Fire Ratings for the IB Roof

As you consider preparing your home for fire danger, your roof is one that should be top of your list. 90% of homes burned down by wildfire were caused by blowing embers. The following is a review of the IB Roof System for flat roof homes in New Mexico. *FEMA


More Than PVC, It’s IB

There is a Better Roof Solution


IB Roof System Fire Safety BenefitsNew Mexico summers are hot and dry and full of fire danger. Industry’s Best – That is what IB stands for. The materials we choose when improving our homes, matter. We can choose a cheaper solution that seems to get the job done, or we can choose a solution that has a positive impact on the future, and lasts long enough to diminish the impact of taking the raw materials. As you look at quality solutions, the benefits tend to compound. For example, all of the qualities that make IB’s patented PVC single-ply membranes that make it sustainable, also make it naturally fire-retardant providing serious performance under one of the most stressful conditions.

What Makes IB Different?

IB Roof Systems PVC roofing materials are designed to protect and extend the life of your building’s roof. From the highest fire-ratings, flame support resistant, weather resistance, ease or maintenance to energy efficiency, IB provides the maximum protection and longest performance history of quality roofing solutions possible, IB Roof Systems is the right choice.

Whether it is a home or a business, an IB Roof System can help protect your building from the elements. The roof industry has recognized that IB PVC membranes perform very well in reducing the spread of flame.

What you need to know!

Our tested PVC materials do not support flame. Once the flame source is removed, our membrane will self-extinguish. IB’s membranes surpass ASTM standards for superior fireproofing and waterproofing protection that withstand the harsh elements of animal fats, cooking grease, motor oil, gasoline, acid rain, and numerous other harsh chemicals. Plus, its dirt release formula makes it safe and easy to simply wash away residue and build-up.

IB’s roofing materials exceed industry standards and ratings in every area. With certifications and code approvals from all major roofing institutions.

Video: TPO roof burned while under construction

The True Fire and Element Resistant Roof Solution


IB PVC Roof Vs. TPO Roof Single-ply membrane

Video: Comparison of PVC vs. TPO under a flame thrower