15 Questions to ask your Roofer

15 questions to ask your next roofer

Finding a Roofer – Key questions helpful in selecting your next Roofing Contractor

Your next roof is only as good as the roofer installing it!!!

Understanding that most people aren’t well versed with the ins and outs of roof installation, we have arrived at a series of questions you may wish to ask before selecting a roofer. These questions may end up saving you thousands of dollars:

• How long has your company been in business?

• How many square feet of the proposed roof system has your company installed? ( i.e. what is your company’s practical experience with this roof system?)

• Do you have any references in my neighborhood?

• Does the roof system you are quoting to me require maintenance?

• Who is responsible for the maintenance?

• What will be the maintenance cost to me over the life of the warranty?

• Who is providing the warranty, manufacturer or roofer? What happens if the roofer goes out of business?

• Will you show me the warranty?

(This is very important! Most manufacturers will not post their warranties on their websites, they want you to buy the roof, and see the warranty after the work is done). We are proud of our Lifetime Residential Limited Material warranty, and our 15, 20, and 25 year Commercial Warranties. Always available at ibroof.com.

For our Pitched Steel Roof Solutions visit Boral Roofing Warranties

• Does the warranty have an exclusion for ponding water?

• Does the manufacturer of the roof system you are quoting allow residential warranties or just commercial warranties? (Most manufacturer’s warranties are for commercial applications only!)

• If the answer is ‘yes’, are these residential warranties allowed all over the U.S. or just in ‘limited areas’?

• How long has the manufacturer been allowing residential warranties?

• Is the warranty transferable? If so, for how long?

• Are your workers factory trained on the system you are quoting?

If you are considering a ‘single ply’ membrane installation under no circumstances should you allow a membrane thickness less than 50 mil! We strongly recommend checking out potential contractors at the Better Business Bureau, (bbb.org) a free service, or ‘Angle’s List’, (angieslist.com) where membership fees apply, before doing any work on your home or business. Angle’s List has comments from people just like you that rate contractors in various areas of work ethic, experience, quality, and overall performance. It is our goal to see everyone receive a quality roof installation by a fully qualified contractor.

At CAS Enterprises we realize the roofing of your home or business constitutes a major investment. With this in mind, we would like to give you the benefit of our 30+ years in business. In that time, we have seen both contractors and manufacturers come and go.

CAS Enterprises is proud to be representing a low slope PVC roof membrane which has a 34 Year Track Record. In fact, we feel very confident in saying our IB roof system is the last roof you will ever need to install. We call this the ‘roofing revolution’; do it once, do it right, and be done with re-roofing for good.

Lifetime warranty roofShow me the warranty. Some companies tell you their flat roof will last for a lifetime, we offer a manufacturers warranty to back it up. At CAS we back up our work as a contractor and our roof solutions are backed by a manufacturers materials warranty. Not all roofs are the same. Don’t trust everything under your roof to inferior protections. Call CAS and get the facts about the REAL lifetime roof solution that meets your flat roof or pitched roof need.

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